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Aeration Calculator

Farms that are successful in keeping the DO at no less than 4 ppm even in the morning are usually very successful, with good growth rates, a high survival rate and a low FCR. When the DO is maintained at at least 4 ppm, there is seldom a problem with white feces disease or bacterial infections. Aeration Calculator helps you to achieve maximum operational efficiency in the culture of several organisms, further to the correct calculation of the number of aerators per unit of area.

Aeration power (HP)
Energy cost per day per month per year
1 pond
pond (s)

Currency Unit: US $

Apply to Out-door ponds

The calculation of the number of aerators for extensive, semiintensive and intensive cultures according to shrimp size, stocking density, water temperature and salinity, and SOTR of the aerators as a function of salinity, is relatively reliable. The Aeration Calculator is not designed to replace a fisheries expert. Rather, it is designed to be used as a management tool for famers to more closely estimate the number of aerators in their ponds. When used correctly, the program will help famers estimate number of aerators. Calculate an estimated monthly electricity bill. That is good management practices in shrimp farming.

If you experience any technical difficulties or have questions about the program or you are a fisheries expert, please Feedback. We highly appreciate your cooperation and we thank you in advance for taking the time to share your bright ideas.


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