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Subsurface Aerator O2-Jter Aerator, Fine bubbles and water current

O2-Jter Aerator, Fine bubbles and water current

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O2-Jeter Aerator (O2-Jeter Sub-surface Aerator, O2-Jeter Aspirator Aerator) deliver excellent oxygen transfer and high mixing efficiency to a wide range of wastewater treatment processes in any climate. From extended aeration and activated sludge processes to lagoons and oxidation ditch applications, the O2-Jeter aerator's rugged but efficient design maximizes treatment performance while minimizing energy consumption. This unique product mixes and aerates all or part of a basin.

O2-Jeter Aerator is a high quality, minimal maintenance aspirator aerator with proven, superior performance… all at an economic price. For over years, aquaculturists worldwide have experienced the many benefits of the O2-Jeter Aerator for their aquatic applications.

O2-Jeter Aerator


The advantages of O2-Jeter

Strong water current
Optimum oxygen transfer
Increased mixing and oxygen dispersion
Destratification of water = Uniform temperature and oxygen
Low maintenance due to only one moving part
Completely reliable and maintenance free
Water lubricated bearing – No artificial lubrication necessary
No worries about clogged pump intakes or plants getting tangled
New advanced technology based on hydrodynamics
Designed for different liquids with varying densities or viscosity
Most energy efficient on the market
Adjust Anchor 30o, 45o, 90o easily, quicky

Accessories of O2-Jeter Aerator

# Items Values

Product Type


Power: 1.5kW (2HP)
Voltage: 220V/380V – 50Hz, 3 phase
Speed: 2800 R.P.M

1 pc / unit
2. Bass Frame - SUS #304
Dimensions: 34 x 34 x 45 mm
Thickness: 2.5 mm
2 pcs / unit
3. Shaft - SUS #304
Dimensions: Ø33.5 x 800 mm (50HZ)
Thickness: 2.5 mm
1 pc / unit
4. Propeller - SUS #304 1 pc / unit
5. Movable Joint (Coupling)
Connect type - Tri-claw
Material: Copper
1 pc / unit
6. Floater - HDPE
Dimensions: 165 x 23 x 32 cm
2 pcs / unit
7. Bass Bracing - SUS #304
Dimensions: 34 x 34 x 45 mm
Thickness: 2.5 mm
2 pcs / unit
8. Screw set - SUS #304 1 set / unit
9. Central Driving Pipe
Length: 80 cm
Frange size: 4 inch
Material: PE
1 pc / unit
10. Motor cover - HDPE
Hight: 32 cm
Diameter: 36 mm
1 pc / unit

Adjust Base 30°-45°-90°
Material: SUS #304

1 pc / unit
12. Adjust Anchor 30°-45°-90°
Material: SUS #304
1 pc / unit
: : Distance water current ~ 12m
: : Diffusion Area ~ 500 m2
: : Operating Current (A) ~ 3.04 Amp


Oxygen dispersion is key!

The most important element when selecting an aerator for aquaculture usage regardless of the application is oxygen dispersion. Oxygen dispersion involves both thorough subsurface circulation and oxygenation to create a destratified pond environment where temperature and oxygen levels are uni-form throughout the entire pond. This concept is of the utmost importance to all aquatic species as it fosters a healthier environment that will lead to increased size, increased survival and thus increased profit to the aquaculturist. Since species like shrimp are bottom dwellers, it is critical to have the oxygen distributed to the bottom layer of the pond where these species live and thrive. Also, thorough mixing and distribution of oxygen aids in the control of animal and feed wastes, keeping pond bottoms cleaner and decreasing risks of disease..

Best position for an O2-Jeter Aerator

Use the Paddlewheel Aerator to create strong water current and move deep and super high dissolved oxygen producted by the O2-Jeter Aerator to the whole pond. Perfect dissolved oxygen level and water circulation.

The O2-Jeter Aerator + Paddlewheel Aerator is the best aerating combination that increase biomass at least by 30%.

O2-Jeter Aerator


The O2-Jeter Aerator is the most technologically advanced aerator in the marketplace today which is capable to accomplish both mixing and oxygenation in one single unit due to its superior design which has been based on high quality.

The Importance of fine bubbles and water current

Good food management is not the only factor required to insure that the shrimp grow well. If the amount of dissolved oxygen (DO) in the pond is too low, the shrimp will eat less and there will be more left over food. This will affect other parameters of water quality, and if the water quality drops the shrimp will get weak and more susceptible to bacterial infection. Such conditions lead to low survival rates.

In the past, bacterial infection was seldom a problem with Pacific White Shrimp culture. This indicates that there is something wrong or something lacking with the aquaculture management practices used at present. Usually it is a problem with overfeeding. Excess feed causes a build up of waste materials in the pond, which encourages the growth of disease-causing Vibrio bacteria. When the oxygen or DO level in the pond drops over the course of the culture period, the shrimp are likely to get sick.


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