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Paddle Wheel Aerator

Paddle Wheel Aerator have become the most popular because of their high quality and comfortable cost.

All parts of paddlewheel aerators are under remarkable design, strict quality control and long-term testing before putting them into the market.

Based on our professional and rich experience in design and produce, we re-engineered the traditional Paddlewheel Aerators by upgrading their power. The high efficiency design of our Paddle Wheel Aerators aim for saving farmer's electricity bill noticeably. The standardized structure and superior material and utilized on our Paddlewheel Aerators to ensure the longevity of each componet.

High speed working impellers splash the water into the air these splashing water mix the oxygen in the air and be brought into the water the dissolved oxygen in the water increase.

The working impellers produce waves and currents make the saturated ammounia, CO2, methane, sulfureted hydrogen, etc. go out of the water the water quality improved.

Arcuate-bevel gears are used instead of worm gears, thereby economizing on energy with high efficiency,and saving over 20% electric energy over traditional models.

The arcuate-bevel gear is made of chromium-manganese-titanium with carbon-nitride surface treatment. Ensuring long usage life spans and high rigidty.

Mechanical seal is available to prevent oil leakage.

Inside protectors are avaible to avoid the motor being accidentally burnt out.


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