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Diffused Aeration Nano-Tube aeration hose D25-3.5C

Nano-Tube aeration hose D25-3.5C

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If the amount of dissolved oxygen (DO) in the pond is too low, the shrimp will eat less and there will be more left over food. This will affect other parameters of water quality, and if the water quality drops the shrimp will get weak and more susceptible to bacterial infection. Such conditions lead to low survival rates. When the DO of the water is low, the shrimp's growth rate is slow and the feed conversion ratio (FCR) is very high. It takes longer to raise a batch of shrimp than when the DO is sufficient.

The DO should not drop below 4 ppm, even in the pre-dawn hours. If they wish to produce large biomass of shrimp, most farms use even more aerators, based on the general rule that you can produce about 450 kg of shrimp for every 1 hp of electric motor aerator.

Farms that are successful in keeping the DO at no less than 4 ppm even in the morning are usually very successful, with good growth rates, a high survival rate and a low FCR. When the DO is maintained at at least 4 ppm, there is seldom a problem with white feces disease or bacterial infections. In contrast, on farms where the DO drops below 4 ppm at night, the shrimp will grow slowly during the culture period and white feces disease is very common.

The Nano-Tube aeration hose is specially designed to create fine bubbles that rise slowly in the water. These fine bubbles have higher surface area which remain in the water for longer periods, enabling more efficient oxygen transfer into the water. All you need is an efficient clean air blower.

Nano-Tube aeration hose achieves its high energy efficiency in two ways:

  1. Due to the number of pores created during our manufacturing process, there is little resistance created when pushing air through the tubing.  Resistance equals energy demand. By working with Nano-Tube aeration hose, you can use significantly less horsepower when compared with traditional methods of aeration (paddlewheels, aspirators, less efficient tubing).
  2. Nano-Tube's tiny pore size creates extremely small diameter bubbles.  The smaller a bubble of air the more efficiently it transfers oxygen into water (more surface area!).  Small bubbles also take longer to rise once they are introduced into water.  Slower rising, small-diameter bubbles mean more contact with the water and a much higher rate of oxygen transfer.

By creating significantly smaller bubbles, more efficiently, Nano-Tube aeration products are able to deliver high rates of oxygen transfer and energy efficiency.

Nano-Tube aeration hose will S E R V your aeration needs:

Simple - Effective - Reliable - Versatile.

The Nano-Tube aeration hose is able to bring you the following benefits :

1. Increase the level of oxygen in your water 2X aeration efficiency compared with paddle wheels

2. Reduce your electricity consumption cost 50% savings on your electricity cost

3. Durable for continual 24 hrs/ 7 days usage 3 - 5 years of continual usage

4. Low start up, maintenance and replacement cost - option to build by yourself or buy from us

Popular Nano-Tube aeration hose

Model Outer / Inner diameter
Thickness Packing
D25 – 6.0C 25/ 13 6 mm 100 m/roll
D25 – 4.0C 25 /17 4 mm 100 m/roll
D20 – 3.5C 20/ 13 3.5 mm 100 m/roll


The benefits of Nano-Tube hose

Reduces energy costs by up to 75%
Bubbles size 1-3mm
Maintains higher dissolved oxygen (DO) levels
Allows for higher stocking densities
Allows for higher feeding rates
Allows for more frequent feedings
Faster Growth and reduced FCR
Low start up cost
Reducing noxious odors NH2, NO2, H2S,...
Supporting aquatic organisms
Improving the quality of fisheries
Easy installation


Nano-Tube aeration hose technology has been used successfully with a wide range of Aquaculture species and in a wide range of production systems. Whether you are producing shrimp or fish, anywhere you are using traditional aeration systems to oxygenate your water, you can benefit from the efficiency and durability of an Nano-Tube aeration system.

Recirculation systems
Grow-out ponds
Livestock trucks


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