2Lua 3N

2Lua 3N Paddlewheel aerator

Paddlewheel aerator accessories


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Fi90-50 air diffuser

F60 Air Diffuser

F60 air diffuser is specially designed, two Nano-Tube lines are parallel and ventilate,the air enters easily, generating pressure is large enough to cause the bubbles to form more, evenly throughout the tube. F60 air diffuser is a highly efficient method of increasing Dissolved Oxygen in shrimp and fish farming.

Mud crab container

Mud crab container

Divide the pond into different compartments according to the size of crabs. Keeping male and female crabs separated from each other will make good results and reduce mutual attacks and cannibalism. Depending on your location and crabs availability 8 to 12 fattening cycles can be done in a year.

Airkit aeration A61

Airkit diffuser

Supplementary oxygenation is the key to enhancing a fish farm’s stocking density, to keeping it disease-free and the productivity and overall profitability high. Our Airkit diffusers increase fish growth rates even on higher stocking densities, better fish healthy and reduced mortality, raise growth rate …

Composite Aerator Reducer

Aerator reducer

The first device has appeared in the world! Plastic gear speed reducer is unique design, providing best performance of Paddlewheel Aerator that running stable and durable. Plastic bevel gear speed reducer molded composite plastic case, never corrosion and oil leakage, light weight and low resistance.

Roots blower AT-100S

Roots blower AT-80

Forced air flow, the flow with the pressure becomes small, and the transport of air from oil pollution. The rotor dynamic balancing precision is high, and the whole machine vibration is small. The components of excellent material, gear with high precision, high reliability, long service life.

Paddle Wheel Aerator JH-H24

Paddle wheel aerator

The oxygen transfer efficiency for our new type JH Paddle wheel aerator is observably improved. The power efficiency can come up to 1.74kg (O2)/kwh. Stronger water current, better oxygenation performance and maximum exposure to UV, Plastic speed reducer has never corrosion and oil leakage.

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Nano-Tube Hose D25-60C

Nano-Tube Aeration

Provides fine bubble dispersion and superior oxygen solubility, maximized dissolved oxygen efficiency. Thousands of tiny bubbles slowly rise to the surface creating a gentle aerating motion. Slow bubbles mans no muddiness from stirred up pond sediments.

Root blower AT-65 (body)

AT Roots Blower

Designed to deliver high volume of steady air flow at high-pressure ranges, AT Roots Blowers are of high efficiency, low energy consumption. AT Roots Blowers are widely used for aeration in aquaculture, such as fish farming, shrimp farming, crab farming …

O2-Turbine Aerator (2L-T200)

O2-Turbine Aerator

O2-Turbine Aerator improves water quality quickly. The ability of any aerator to transfer dissolved oxygen into a body of water is of key importance when comparing aerators. One of the biggest advantages of our aerator is that low to no maintenance is ever required.

Projects & Tutorials

Our solutions help you achieve better water quality with low investment costs and high effective.

Nano-Tube Hose

Fine bubbles, Anti-bacterial, Flexible
High oxygen transfer efficiency

O2-Turbine Aerator

Micro bubbles, No clogged
Excellent oxygen transfer efficiency

O2-Jeter Aerator

Circulating and strong flow current
High oxygen transfer

AT Roots blower

The components of excellent material
Gear with high precision, high reliability

Intensive shrimp pond

Aerated shrimp ponds
High stocking density

Shrimp Nursery

Aeration of shrimp ponds two-stage
Shrimp nursery


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