Subsurface Aerators for wastewaterwater treatment

Our Subsurface Aerators bring advanced aeration solutions are not congested, do not use oil and heat up.

This machine is designed to operate continuously and not to need maintaining. Its structure is simple and very solid.

Materials are selected to with stand harsh weather environment in sea water, waste water treatment.

Flexible action on the surface, moving easily, improving the water environment clearly and quickly in a short period of use.

Higher oxygen transfer efficiency

Oxygen transfer performance of our subsurface aerators brings satisfaction and reliability to customers.

Our aerators create millions of tiny air bubbles, transfer the air directly into the water environment. Long exposure time in the water, large surface area result in the efficient ability of oxygen transfer into the water, increased oxygen level, saving power cost.

Users will receive positive economic benefits when they invest our aerators.


Our aerators operate continuously and stably. You completely feel safe when using our aerators. They are created by a process of long practical experience and continuous improvement. Because of less friction, unencumbered by the suspended solids in the water, our aerators never become blocked.


Today, most of the aerators are generated heat during operation, which can increase the water temperature. We are sure that the water temperature will not rise when using the Our Subsurface Aerators and they are stable during operation. Reducing noxious odors in waste lagoons, improving water clarity.


Air "clean" and "cool" brings a healthy environment and beneficial bacteria. Microorganisms grow well and stably. Water quality is improved rapidly. Awful odors, toxic gases, heavy metals in the water are released by high oxidation. Reducing Algae blooms seox; algae will not appear in water also…

Many projects used Our Subsurface Aerators

In-door shrimp farming

Out-door shrimp farming

Out-door shrimp farming

Out-door shrimp farming

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