2Lua AT roots blower

2Lua AT roots blower

2Lua AT roots blower is trademark of 2 Lua Export Import Co.,Ltd suitable for supplying oxygen for aquaculture, gases for shrimp ponds, hatchery farms …

With a simple design, easy movement and installation, we can just use Motor or Diesel engine to operate.

Air capacity generates from 1.2 - 3.9 m3 / hr and you can run the 2Lua AT roots blower at 1.5kW motor.

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2Lua AT roots blower

2Lua AT roots blower product lines

There are many different capacities to meet the demand using AT Blowers most effectively.

Depending on the gas supply need, stocking density, our technical team will help you choose the most suitable product, which both saves cost and meets your work.

We are proud to be the pioneer providing aeration solutions using AT Blowers line in VietNam.

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Applications of Roots Blower

For over 100 years, the world has used Roots Blower to aerate gases in the sewage tank at industrial zones, residential areas, treat water and environment. Today, with the rapid development of the industry of aquaculture, Roots Blowers are used to maintain dissolved oxygen content in the water to help livestock develop and increase farming productivity substantially.

Wastewater treatment

Wastewater Aeration

Roots Blower used for wastewater treatment usually require large capacity, high pressure.

Greenhouse shrimp farming

Greenhouse Shrimp Farming

Culturing shrimp indoor should use the roots blower to maintain the necessary level of dissolved oxygen for stable environment.

Commercial shrimp farming

Commercial Shrimp Farming

Maintaining high dissolved oxygen concentration in the water is one of the keys to help crop succeed. If ponds have high level of dissolved oxygen, water environment is stable, shrimps will grow faster, FCR is lower and resistance is high. Toxic gases, heavy metals decompose well when oxygen in the water is high.

Hatchery aeration

Nursery Postlarvae

Nursery is a process to change the living condition of Postlarvae shrimp from cement tank to natural environment. When shrimp have minimum size of 2-3 cm / shrimp, they will be transferred to grow-out pond. Shrimp quickly adapt to the environment, prey actively and grow faster, reduce wastage.