Nano-Tube is new dissolved oxygen technology

Nano-Tube creates important breakthrough in oxygen diffusion aeration technology in the water.

Size of tiny holes on Nano-Tube creates size of bubbles with small diameter. The smaller gas bubbles are, the more efficient their ability of oxygen transfer into the water is (greater surface area). Small air bubbles are suspended in the water longer to increase the number of times that they are brought into the water. Because air bubbles float on the surface more slowly, the rate of oxygen transfer is much higher.

Nano-Tube needs low power

Benefits of Nano-Tube technology include reduced energy costs, higher ratio of oxygen / kWh transfer due to fine bubbles. Because low air resistance combines with thousands of tiny pores on the tube, power consumption is low, performance of oxygen transfer is effective.

Nano-Tube is high dissolved oxygen

Dissolved oxygen level is higher and oxygen in pond bottom is markedly improved because Nano-Tube transfers oxygen in the water quickly and effectively. It is the top choice for aquaculture farms with high density in order to improve the quality of water environment today.

Advantages of Nano-Tube

Reduce energy costs up to 75%
No moving parts, low depreciation
Maintain the level of dissolved oxygen is higher
Initial investment cost is low

More advantages of Nano-Tube

Allowing higher density
Allow to eat more often
Faster growth and reduced FCR
Simple installation, low maintenance

Nano-Tube in shrimp farming

Nano-Tube has been used successfully with a variety of aquaculture species and production systems. Whether you are farming shrimp or fish, wherever you are using traditional aeration system to generate oxygen in the water, you can benefit from the efficiency of the aeration Nano-Tube system.

Nano-Tube in greenhouse

Nano-Tube is a good option to increase oxygen in shrimp and, fish farms. In shrimp farms with high density, Biofloc culturing technology, maintaining high oxygen level in the water is the essential requirement and solutions to use Nano-Tube aeration system should be put in top priority.

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