Roots Blower ISO-9001

Trundean Roots Blower are manufactured under ISO 9001 and achieved CE certification in 2005. Roots Blowers Trundean are manufactured under strict standards of European technical standards and continuously innovative to achieve highest quality.

Trundean Roots Blowers
TH Roots Blower

Roots Blower for wastewater treatment

Trundean Roots Blower of Trundean Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd. (Taiwan) are widely used in over 60 countries worldwide. At the regional countries such as Thailand, China, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh… Trundean Roots Blower are popular and used in many fields such as aquaculture, nursery, environmental and industrial wastewater treatment …

Trundean Roots Blower

Proud Of Quality

For over 30 years, Trundean Roots Blower always keep the faith in the mind of customers. We pride ourselves on providing the best quality products and fastest service to customers. We have extensive experience and technique in the field of air compressors. We pay attention to every detail meticulously to reduce technical issues at minimum level

Sewage treatment aeration

Wastewater Aeration

For over 100 years, the world has used Roots Blower for aeration into sewage tanks at the industrial zones, residential areas, water treatment, environmental treatment… Oxygen is necessary to oxidize organic materials that bacteria absorbs in the process of wastewater treatment by biological treatment in aerobic condition. Oxygen concentration is very important to the activity of microorganisms in the sewage treatments. Oxygen is supplied in Aeroten so that bacteria oxidize organic matters, transfers NO3 into NH3, NO2 and mixes activated sludge and wastewater.

shrimp farming aeration

Intensive Shrimp Farming

Today, aquaculture is especially intensive shrimp farming, indoor shrimp farming, hatchery,… Using Roots Blower is an integral part in the process of raising the dissolved oxygen level in the water environment. Bottom aeration system with blowers and diffuser devices will speed up oxygen in the water and promote to release carbon dioxide (CO2). Carbon dioxide is very important to the growth of algae and contributes to maintaining a consistent water color. It facilitates to vaporize unwanted gases such as N2, NH3, CH4 and H2S.

Advantages of Trundean Roots Blower

To minimize errors due to man and improve the accuracy of the machine and screw efficiently, the screws use the most advanced process by Four-Shaft method. The machine is equipped with safe devices such as automatic relief valve when the pressure increases and pressure monitoring clock.

  • Synchronization And Stability

    The gear system and bearings are the parts that need lubricating with oil. Oil with special material will prevent lubricant from leaking out.

  • High Precision

    CNC machine and quality control on the computer are used to produce the components and parts with the high quality, absolute precision.

  • Low Noise

    Reducing noise while operating is preeminent feature of Trundean Roots blower thanks to special structure of the silencer.

  • Stability

    Vibration of Trundean Roots Blower is very low because of special structure of rotor and sprocket box. Special silver is produced with the highest quality.

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