2Lua AT Roots Blower specialized design

Products are manufactured according to specific requirements to serve the aeration in the field of aquaculture, intensive shrimp farming, fish farming aeration. The extreme environment of salt water, moist air on the farm are big challenges to our products. After more than 14 years of successful deployment, up to present AT Roots Blower have been present throughout the shrimp farms in Vietnam.

2Lua AT Roots Blower are used for aeration in hatchery.

2Lua AT Roots Blower are used for aeration in commercial shrimp ponds.

Roots Blower AT

2Lua AT Specialized Design

AT Roots Blower have cast-iron structure, steel screw (rotor) with high quality material, lightweight, easy movement. Design is optimized to improve the efficiency of pressure, generate high air flow and strong compression, save power.

Because the oil chamber containing sprockets  is separated from air creating chamber, output of compressed gas is always clean. Moreover, our bearings with the best kind installed in the machine ensure continuous action.

AT Roots Blower are very popular and common in aquaculture today. A common reason of AT Roots Blower is clean output of compressed gas, air creating chamber separated from oil chamber, light weight, easy movement among areas on the farm.

Advantages of AT Roots Blower

To minimize errors due to man and improve the accuracy of the machine and screw efficiently, parts of AT Roots Blower have streamlined design and high precision.

Body shell with large grooves not only enhances the action function but also prevents from external influences such as shock affecting operation of the machine.

  • Pressure range and large flow

  • Provide clean air completely

  • Low vibration, smooth operation

  • Powerful screw compressor system

  • Horizontal screw with 2 lobes

  • Special designed Roto

  • Simple, compact structure

  • Operation continuously and strongly

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