Nano-Tube – New Innovation

We are proud to introduce Nano-Tube, which is significant improvement solution to diffuse oxygen in the water. Based on studies and experiments in shrimp ponds, we developed the Nano-tube. These products of Nano-Tube were invented specifically to transfer oxygen into the water. Nano-Tube creates more continuous air bubble to transfer oxygen into the water and less power consumption rate compared with other systems.

Nano-Tube Hose
Aeration for shrimp farming

Nano-Tube - Small bubbles

The smaller size of bubbles is, the large surface area is, which is the reason why the small bubble aerator transfers oxygen better than the big bubble aerator. To maximize aeration efficiency in your shrimp pond, the aerator must both create small bubbles and require less power consumption. Nano-Tube technology meets both goals.

Advantages of Nano-Tube

Low power consumption

The technology of Nano-Tube achieves high performance and efficiency because production process is patented particularly, through a unique combination of techniques and materials to create tiny holes in the tube length. The tiny holes allow air move into the water very efficiently. Combing Nano-Tube with an efficient air blower brings high performance and method of creating steam with low cost.

High dissolved oxygen

Thanks to a number of pores created in the process of our manufacturing, air resistance is low through the tube and balances with energy demand. Therefore, when operating with Nano-Tube, you can use significantly less power than traditional aeration methods: water blowers, paddle wheel aerators, submersible pump, less efficient tubing tube…

Low investment costs

The benefits of Nano-Tube technology primarily include reduced electricity costs, higher speed of oxygen / hr, the level of dissolved oxygen and the improved bottom (the pond / lake). This shows exactly that the Nano-Tube is better than other aerators.

Applications of Nano-Tube

Nano-Tube brings different aeration solution with extraordinary advantages by creating smaller bubbles, more effective aeration, higher oxygen transfer rate and less electricity use.

Whether you are farming shrimp or fish, wherever you are using traditional aeration system to generate oxygen in the water, you can benefit from Nano-Tube efficiently.

Shrimp pond aeration

Commercial shrimp farming

Nano-Tube supplies effectively oxygen to shrimp ponds, saves the initial investment cost, installs and uses easily.

baby shrimp aeration (larval)

Nursery ponds

Nano-Tube is the best choice for aeration in shrimp hatchery. High dissolved oxygen helps shrimp fast grow, reduce wastage.

Indoor shrimp pond

Indoor shrimp farming

Using Nano-Tube aeration technology reduces energy costs and allows culturing super-intensive density.

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