Nano-Tube Airlift

Nano-Tube Airlift is designed specifically to incorporate Nano-Tube aeration technology and diffusion grid into a complete aeration system. Nano-Tube Airlift was developed to bring the best oxygen transfer to ponds and aquaculture

Airlift diffuser
Air-lift Aero-Tube

High performance (DO)

An experiment is examined by GSEE inc. Water blower provides from O2 1.7-3.00 pounds (0.8-1.4kg O2) / 1HP, whereas Nano-Tube will reach 6-8 pounds of O2 (2.7 -3.6 KG O2) on horsepower used in freshwater. In saltwater, Nano-Tube aeration technology offers up to 15 pounds (6.8 KG O2) on 1HP, a great choice for shrimp and fish farming ponds.

Advantages of Nano-Tube

Reduce power costs up to 75%
No moving parts, low depreciation
Maintain high dissolved oxygen level
Allow higher density
Allow higher stocking rate
Allow feed more often
Grow faster and reduce FCR
Low initial investment costs

Advantages of Nano-Tube Airlift

High dissolved oxygen
Rotate strong currents
Install simply and quickly
Suitable for all types of ponds
Clean and service easily.

Applications of Nano-Tube Airlift

Water quality management in aquaculture is essential to produce shrimp with high quality and success. Dissolved oxygen is one of the important parameters for the water quality that farmers will track daily. Maintaining good dissolved oxygen is necessary for successful manufacturing.

Nano-Tube Airlift optimizes aeration efficiency, circulates oxygen around pond, increases capacity to release toxic gases in the water and improves the environment significantly in a short time.

Nano-Tube Airlift

Improving environment

Parks, lakes and rivers in cities and agricultural areas often face with the overload of untreated domestic waste and agricultural fertilizers.The lack of oxygen in the water often leads to developing more algae (toxic), emitting the stench, causing unfavorable conditions for public health. Air aeration directly into the water is an effective solution to improve the environment and accumulate sediments.

Aero-Tube Airlift

Intensive shrimp farming

The success of farming shrimp is evaluated by rate of investment return which is mainly dependent on the harvest output, investment, market prices and production costs. This is influenced by several factors, but the most important thing is the management and operation process in pond. Nano- Tube Airlift requires very little power, improving competitive advantage for their products.

Airlift grid diffuser

Lined shrimp farming

The majority of problems in aquaculture include diseases caused by poor water quality, most of the problems of water quality can be solved with aeration system (increase levels of dissolved oxygen in the water). Water source with full dissolved oxygen will reduce potentially negative effects on the environment and ensure that shrimp, fish are not lost quality due to lack of oxygen.

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