Mud crab farming

Crab box

All of the farms are in converted shrimp ponds

Crab farming box

Stock 10-15 units per square meter

Mud crab box

Exchange water every spring tide

Plastic crab container

Sunlight cover, Paddle wheel aerators for improving the water

Soft shell crab box
Mud crab container
Soft shell crab box
Soft shell crab farming

Soft shell mud crab farming

Divide the pond into different compartments according to the size of crabs if it is big sized. Keeping male and female crabs separated from each other will make good results and reduce mutual attacks and cannibalism. Depending on your location and crabs availability 8 to 12 fattening cycles can be done in a year. Generally, crabs weight between 300 grams to 500 grams have high demand and value in the market. Collect and sell all the crabs when they reach the marketing weight. Always try to sell the crabs when they are in hard shelled condition. This will ensure high profit form crab farming business.

A big soft shell mud crab farming

Mud crab box Malaysia

Soft shell mud crab boxes with Tilapia

Mud crab box

Soft shell mud crab boxes with shrimp

Mud crab container

Use of Gracilaria in Mud crab ponds

Soft shell crab container

Mud crab box farming

Soft shell crab box farming

Mud crab container farming