Hoa-Mai Plate is Simple

Hoa-Mai Plate is the creative idea to help you experience the oxygen supply system in shrimp, fish ponds more simply, quickly and efficiently. You will not waste too much time on making diffuse plate. Combining simply Hoa-Mai accessories with Nano-Tube Hose creates compact, convenient air diffuser plate.

Hoa-Mai diffuser plate
Shrimp farming aeration

Hoa-Mai Plate is low costs

Hoa-Mai Plate helps you adjust easily in your way. Hoa-Mai Plate completely meets the needs of oxygen installation to the pond bottom for fishery, hatchery, shipping fresh seafood…

Advantages of Nano-Tube

Reduce power costs up to 75%
No moving parts, low depreciation
Maintain high dissolved oxygen level
Allow higher density
Allow higher stocking rate
Allow feed more often
Grow faster and reduce FCR
Low initial investment costs

Advantages of Hoa-Mai Plate

Install simply and quickly
Suitable for all types of ponds
Clean and service easily
Save huge costs.

Applications of Hoa-Mai Plate

The final stage of aquaculture production appears in grow-out ponds / lakes where child shrimp develop into adult shrimp. In shrimp farming process, leftovers accumulate under the bottom of pond and particularly the water source lacks oxygen in the bottom layer, which facilitates gases and germs to grow easily. Insufficient oxygen supply results in inefficiently active microorganisms, probiotics, water imbalance, shrimp floating head, eating less, growth retardation, less resistance, high susceptibility. Hoa-Mai Plate provides oxygen to the shrimp ponds effectively, saves investment cost, high efficiency performance.

Oxygen supply for shrimp

Earthen shrimp ponds

We bring solutions to your farm to use aerators and oxygen diffusion devices efficiently, attain low investment cost, install quickly and efficiently, resolve toxic gases, restrict white feces in shrimp.

Dissolved oxygen for shrimp

Intensive shrimp farming

Hoa-Mai Plate transfers high oxygen in order to feed in higher density, increase frequency of feeding, water stability, fast shrimp’s growth and save electricity bill. Reducing biochemical oxygen demand.

Improve water quality for shrimp

Lined shrimp farming

Hoa-Mai Plate increases productivity and improves value-added products. It also increases efficient dissolved oxygen transfer and active aerobic microbial, improves water quality, stabilizes pH, reduces toxic gases.

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