Fujio Air Pump

Fujio Air Pump is very economical

Unlike other aquarium air pumps, the Fujio Air Pump is very energy efficient. This saves you money, so you do not have to incur huge bills at the end of the month. You can use it for several purposes.

Koi pond pump

Amazingly quiet

The low noise is due to several factors. It features double wall construction and the pump well is integrated in the design. It also has a baffle chamber specifically designed to suppress the noise.

Garden fish pump

Lightweight and compact

Fujio Air Pump is very easy to install so you don’t need to worry that it will be a tedious process. You can also assemble them in one aquarium to deliver more bubbles based on your requirements.

Fujio's applications

Designed to deliver high volume of steady airflow at low-pressure ranges, Fujio Air Pumps are of high efficiency, low energy consumption and perform with low operation noise. With no sliding parts and oil-less components, Fujio Air Pump requires no lubrication and transfer air without any contamination.

Aquaculture aeration

Koi fish aeration

Hydroponics aeration

Wastewater treatment

Aerobic treatment

Benefits of Using an Air Pump

We know that air pumps aren’t 100% necessary. There are many aquarists who never use them and have great success.

But, there are still some benefits your tank will receive if you use a quality air pump. Let’s take a look at them…

Increased Oxygen Levels

The main purpose of an air pump is to help oxygenate the water in your aquarium. Some people believe this is due to the bubbles passing through the water, however, this has little effect.

It’s actually down to the extra surface movement which the bubbles create.

The more surface movement you have, the more contact your water has with the air. This results in more oxygen getting into your tank.

Having increased oxygen levels will benefit all aspects of your aquarium. Live plants, fish, and beneficial bacteria will thrive with higher oxygen levels.

This can be especially beneficial in the hot summer months.

As when your water heats up, it’s ability to hold oxygen decreases. Air pumps are good to add that extra that’s needed.

Improved Water Circulation

Water movement is vital to keeping a healthy aquarium. There’s many unseen processes that occur as the water in your tank circulates.

We know increased movement will help oxygenate your water, but, it will also help to:

Maintain an even temperature

Promote gas exchange

Supplement filtration

Help to create currents for your fish

Why Have A Fujio Air Pump On A Fish Tank?

When it comes to selecting an air pump to supply you with all these benefits, there are more options out there than you can count. So throughout this article, we are going to simplify things by taking a focused look at a specific brand of air pumps – Fujio Air Pumps. We are going to review how they actually operate, how they compare to other styles and brands of air pumps, and how each of the Fujio Air Pump models compare with each other. We are also going to review the warranty information for Fujio Air Pumps, and how you can perform any maintenance duties that you may run into while owning one.

Compressed air is a vital component in all aquarium and pond setups. It can be used to increase water flow and cause surface agitation, which increases the concentration of oxygen and decreases the concentration of carbon dioxide in the water. It can also be used to create suction within sponge filters, potentially eliminating the need for power filter replacements. And if nothing else, when implemented properly, compressed air can create air bubbles that make your tank or pond look that much more eye-catching.

How to Correctly Setup Your Air Pump

Before you go check out some air pumps, I wanted to share with you some tips on how to setup your air pump. So you can avoid unwanted incidents.

Once you have purchased your air pump, you will want to ensure that you install it right.

If it’s located below your aquarium and the power goes out, it’s possible it will create a back siphon of water.

You definitely don’t want that! It will result in breaking your air pump and siphoning all the water in your aquarium onto the floor.

There are two simple ways you can avoid this. Either install your air pump so it’s above your water line, or, use an inexpensive check value.

This will work to stop your water siphoning through the line and into your air pump.