Avoids clogged from algae

Flat design, preventing the accumulation of bubbles from increasing the size of bubbles. EPDM good elastic rubber material, smooth surface to prevent algae and crustaceans from clogging.

Disc membrane diffuser
EPDM membrane disc diffuser

Good anti-congestion

EPDM Disc Diffuser pores will close to the disc surface when stopping working, which prevents the pores from clogging. Moreover, one-way valve is integrated to reduce fluid or solid permeable back into the pipeline, which makes the device very rarely clogged, minimum maintenance and long life.

Advantages of EPDM Disc Diffuser

Reduces congestion

Stopping aeration, the holes in the membrane is sealed to prevent congestion and backflow into the tube. The expansion and shrink of the membrane remove adhesives.

Saves power

High oxygen transfer is maintained by ultra-fine bubble. This greatly reduces power for aeration compared with the conventional methods.

Easy installation

Because the membrane is unified with the frame, it can be raised and lowered without draining water from the tank when installing and maintaining the unit.

High durability

High durability has been attained through adoption of a cylindrical form that maintains uniform load. EPDM material has superior thermal and chemical resistance characteristics. Stable operation for a long time is possible.

EPDM Disc Diffuser Applications

Disc Diffuser has solid, sustainable and simple design. Pores shaped complex needles are stamped on EPDM membranes, which creates uniform air bubbles with 1 ~ 3mm size and high oxygen transfer into the water environment.

With special material, disc diffuser is not eroded by acid and adapts to the harsh environment of wastewater.

Wastewater treatment aeration

Wastewater aeration

Disc Diffuser is widely used and mostly common in wastewater aeration, domestic wastewater, residential sewage, industrial wastewater treatment…

Sewage treatment aeration

Wastewater treatment

In wastewater treatment areas, aeration is used to remove awful odor substances; heavy metals such as iron, Manganese; H2S, CO2 in the water… Reducing Algae blooms.

Aquaculture aeration


Disc Diffuser is used in aquaculture to provide oxygen to fish and shrimp ponds, overcome problems of shrimp floating head, lethargic shrimp… caused by shortage of oxygen.

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