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Airkit is better disabled oxygen

Using Nano-Tube combine with Airkit diffuser is the good solution diffusing air in shrimp ponds. You can easily adjust the height of Airkit diffuser device to each installation location suitably. The height is equal in each point that mean pressure is same at every Airkit diffuser, hence diffusing air will be better, bubble is created more uniform and stable..

why do we must choose Airkit diffuser?

Airkit diffuser has the great features

A innovation design of creativity, Airkit diffuser optimizes the installation of aeration in water. The Airkit's foot is designed specifically that allow you to move up or move down flexibly to meet all requirements of aeration installation of super-intensive indoor /outdoor shrimp farming.

  • linkKeep the the bottom pond alway clean, prevent sediment assembling
  • gavelConvenient installing, quickly and save time
  • usdLow cost, high benefits, long-term using
  • planeGreat quality, high durability, appropriate price
  • rocketHigh oxygen transfer efficiency, bubbles was release all over the tube
  • cogSuitable for all aquaculture aeration models, easy clean
Airkit aeration A61
Shrimp farming aeration

Airkit is dissolved oxygen efficiency

Airkit diffuser is the best option to meet the aeration needs in ultra-intensive shrimp ponds, the aeration systems require aeration equipment have to meet the productivity of diffusing dissolved oxygen in water well, low cost investment, fit up and maintenance easily. The shrimp farming environment is very harsh, Airkit diffuser is studied and produced to meet the requirements. You absolutely assure when choosing Airkit diffuser on your shrimp farm.

Cage fish aeration
Fish cage aeration

Airkit diffuser is goood experiences

Airkit diffuser brings an entirely new experience to aeration of fish cage. With optimal design, Airkit can be suspended in fish cages easier than other aeration equipment. Now, the installation of aeration on the cages will be easier when choosing Airkit diffuser.

Airkit aeration for shrimp
What is anymore about Airkit?

About your story

  • How much money do you pay for?
  • How much time do you get to assemble up?
  • Waste still live around the your diffuser, isn’t it?
  • Bacteria, toxic gas have opportunity to develop?
  • Clean is difficult? Clean up hard? Easy to damage?

Don't worry, Airkit solves all of your problems!

Airkit diffuser benefits

The benefits of airkit that give to you are beyond expectations
when compared with the other aeration equipments on the market.

  • 45%Save cost
  • 75%Time-saving
  • 90%Quick & convenient assembly
  • 35%Easy clean
  • 40%Low maintenance