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Roots Blower Roots blower AT-50 (Main body)

Roots blower AT-50 (Main body)

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Roots blower AT-50 is special model to dissolved oxygen for shrimp nursery, shirmp farming, fish farming.

Items Values
Product name Roots blower (main body)
Model AT-50
Air capacity 1.2 – 1.92 m3/min
Speed 1250 - 1420 R.P.M
Pressure 10 - 15kPa (1 - 1.5m)
Discharge diameter DN50 (2 Inch)
Weight 24 KG


Accessories of Roots blower AT-50

Items Values
AT-50 (Main Body) 1pc
Air filter 1pc
Iron pipe (2 Inch * 10cm) 1pc
Frame base None
Motor None



- Positive displacement blower, no compression, air conveying is smooth, there is small flow rate changes along with pressure changes.
- Two-lobe linear-shaped impeller making inlet and outlet pulsation quiet with low noise and vibration.
- Special impeller of mesh curve and small enclosure making roots blower high efficiency, low energy consumption.
- Small size, light weight and elegant appearance.
- With high-precision synchronous hard-toothed surface gears ensure long life.
- Much cleaner with no oil
- With nitrile rubber seal rings
- Sweden SKF brearings

The blower impeller adopts the original curve track and the optimized design to improve the full-adiabatic efficiency as well as the volumetric efficiency, which makes the capacity and pressure superior. The screen lines adopt the helical construction which used the method of casing at the suction and discharge sides to be cut to a helical shape.


Roots blowers (AT-50) used popular and widely in many fields. Roots blowers have advantages over centrifugal (side channel) blowers. Any aquaculture unit can use these blowers for aeration of shrimp ponds, tanks, dames, etc.

Shrimp nursery stage is a process to change the living conditions of postlarvae from concrete tanks environment to the natural. Nursery period is 7-14 days then transferred to grow-out ponds. Shrimp will quickly adapt to the natural environment, actively prey and grow faster, increase survival rates. This stage is particularly important, which decides the success or failure of the crop. Roots blower AT-50 are the choice of the effective oxygen aeration for the your ponds.

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