Fujio Air Pump FJ-50

Fujio FJ-50

Model: FJ-50

Power: 30W (220V/50Hz)

Air Capacity: 3000 L/hr

Original: China

Fujio Air Pump FJ-80

Fujio FJ-80

Model: FJ-80

Power: 50W (220V/50Hz)

Air Capacity: 4800 L/hr

Original: China

Fujio Air Pump FJ-100

Fujio FJ-100

Model: FJ-100

Power: 65W (220V/50Hz)

Air Capacity: 6000 L/hr

Original: China

Fujio Air Pump FJ-120

Fujio FJ-120

Model: FJ-120

Power: 80W (220V/50Hz)

Air Capacity: 7200 L/hr

Original: China

Fujio Air Pump FJ-200

Fujio FJ-200

Model: FJ-200

Power: 150W (220V/50Hz)

Air Capacity: 12000 L/hr

Original: China

Fujio Air Pump FJ-280

Fujio FJ-280

Model: FJ-280

Power: 200W (220V/50Hz)

Air Capacity: 16800 L/hr

Original: China

Frequently Bought Together

Fi90-50 Air Diffuser

Fi90-50 Air Diffuser

Model: Fi90-50

Nano-Tube length: 1 m

Inner joint: 1/4"

Hoa-Mai Plate

Hoa-Mai Plate

Model: 2L-H2

Diameter: 60 cm

Nano-Tube length: 2.1 m

Original: Vietnam + China

Nano-Tube Ring 2L-D68

Nano-Tube Ring 2L-D68

Model: 2L-D68

Diameter: 68 cm

Nano-Tube length: 3 m

Original: Vietnam + China

Đóng gói / Xuất hàng

Fujio Air Pump
Fujio Air Pump for pond
Fujio Air Pump for fish
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